How to Install HP Printer Driver

HP Printer Driver and Software Installations
How to Install HP Printer Driver

Method 1: How to Install the HP Printer Driver with Free Download

In this case, we are going to install HP Printer without CD (Automatic Wizard)

What you need:
  1. You are required to have a driver setup or the software file of HP Printer. For the file of the driver setup, you simply click the link above for the download.
  2. You also obliged to have the USB cable as the connector from the printer to the computer that you will get from the printer package.
Next, follow the instructions on how to install HP Printer with the Setup File.
  1. First, of course, you need to turn on the computer as well as the HP Printer as well.
  2. Still, try not to connect the HP Printer USB cable first before it is suggested.
  3. Download the driver setup of HP Printer and install it on your computer by following all of the instruction for the installation progress.
  4. Then connect the USB cable to HP Printer when the installation of the driver setup is already finished. In this case, the wizard will analyze when the USB cable has already connected. When the USB cable of HP Printer already detected in the computer, it will go to further instructions.
  5. Follow the wizard instructions to finish the installation process.
  6. When it is finished, the HP Printer can be used for the printing process.

Method 2: How to Install HP Printer Drivers Manually

When you choose this method, you need the help of “Add a printer” option from the Windows inbuilt feature.

What you need:
  1. You are obliged to have the Software/Driver Setup file of HP Printer. You can try to download it from the links provided.
  2. You also require the USB cable of HP Printer.
How to install:
  1. The first step, turn on all of your devices, (in this case, are the computer and the HP Printer.)
  2. Connect the USB cable of HP Printer from the printer to the computer.
  3. Next, extract HP Printer setup file and also their extracted location (it will be commonly found in TEMP folder)
  4. Click Start à Control Panel à View Devices & Printer (for Windows 7 and Vista OS). For XP OS, you can click on “Fax & Printers.
  5. Click on “Add a printer.”
  6. When it has been ready and adjusted for the driver's location, give it the path where you extracted the setup file.
  7. Follow all of the wizard instructions to finish the installation.
  8. When you have done, you can use the HP Printer is ready to be used on your computer.

Method 3: HP Printer Driver Free Download Installations

How to install HP Printer with software CD (Automatic Wizard)

What you need:
  1. You require CD/DVD drive installed on your personal computer.
  2. A Software/Driver CD Disk of HP Printer that included with the printer package is needed.
  3. USB Cable as the connector of the printer and computer that included in the printer package.
Follow these instructions for the further installation process of HP Printer with CD Drive.
  1. First of all, do not forget to turn on your computer and also the HP Printer.
  2. Do not plug in the USB cable of HP Printer until needed.
  3. Insert HP Printer CD disk to the CD/DVD drive on your personal computer and follow the setup wizard from the CD. Follow all of the instructions for the installation.
  4. Connect the USB Cable of HP Printer to the computer when the setup wizard asks you to plug in the USB Cable.
  5. Wait until the USB cable HP Printer is detected and follow the wizard instructions for the further process of the installation.
  6. When it is done, you will find out the HP Printer is ready to use.

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